Direct from Las Vegas!  The Quiddlers are a vaudevillian-styled pantomime group that are known to audiences around the world as "The International Ambassadors of Physical Comedy."
The Quiddlers have performed on over 150 television shows worldwide, including a Royal Command Performance for the British Royal Family.  They have shared the stage with such comic legends as Howie MandelJerry Lewis, and George Burns, just to name a few.
The Quiddlers have been performing 7 nights a week in Las Vegas for the last 15 years.
You have your choice of any of the following acts (and more!):
The Village Guys: Just as you remember and better than ever; with all of the classic dance moves, and more!
Elfis: The King is Back!  Just Short of the real thing.
Micro Jackson: This pint-sized prodigy tangos with his chimp, Tiny Bubbles.
Blues Boys Blues and Rhythm Review: The compact siblings perform a miniature concert with big laughs.  
Cowboys Western Round-Up: Giddy-up Sports fans.  These buckaroos will perform the most hysterical act this side of the Rio Grande.  
Toy Box Toys: Toy box size toys come to life and dance to the Nutcracker.  Hilarity at it's best!
The Small Star Review: Mix and match your favorites.  Guaranteed that a good time will be had by all! 




testmpg from paul grant on Vimeo.